Utrition, Inc. is a multifaceted company reflecting a synergy of disciplines. Research, chemistry, product development and technical expertise are all focused to formulate and manufacture healthy nutritional products for customers throughout the world. Our current product line includes Liquid Coral Calcium, Liquid Joint Repair (glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM) and Liquid Vitamin Plus, a multivitamin with herbs, minerals and glucosamine.

Utrition's research and development team employs cutting edge technology to bring the very best nature has to offer to the marketplace. Certified technicians coordinate the manufacturing process to ensure exact specifications on each production run are met or exceeded, resulting in an industry leading high level of quality control. Freshly harvested herbs and the highest quality of supplemental ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of Utrition's Liquid Vitamin Plus, Liquid Joint Repair and Liquid Coral Calcium. Our proprietary processing assures the retention of the essential nutrients and compounds found in each plant and/or supplemental ingredient. By utilizing our own extraction process we assure every customer exact ingredient amounts in each bottle sold. Additionally, our greatest feat has been our unique and innovative formulas or recipes which currently offer the best tasting vitamin, coral calcium and glucosamine supplements in the industry!

Creative solutions to meet the demand of today's marketplace combined with a commitment to quality and the promotion of good health will always be the cornerstone of Utrition's business philosophy. And it's through this philosophy that we offer superb quality and exceptional tasting supplements for...

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