City Blends™ is the first turn-key system of its kind in the juice bar industry - a complete juice bar program conveniently dispensed through one very clever piece of blending equipment. Our City Blends™ team, a collection of nutritional experts, fitness consultants, and juice bar professionals went to great lengths to develop nutritionally superior blends to Make the Country Healthier...One City At a Time!
Each delicious blend is made with the highest quality fruits and juices. Our menu offers the widest variety of choices for your customers, with an ease of operation comparable to making microwave popcorn!
A successful and profitable juice bar depends on a believable delivery system. City Blends Cafe™ gives you that and more. Our system utilizes a single piece of highly sophisticated equipment that “manages” the profitability of your juic e bar. This ingenious piece of equipment is pre-programmed to dispense an exact amount of City Blends™ Proprietary Fruit Product so that you as the owner do not have to rely on your employees’ accuracy to determine the success of your City Blends Café™. Build-out costs are normally minimal or non-existent, training can be completed in two hours time and portion control and product quality are virtually 100% insured.
Research tells us that a high-quality product served consistently generates return business and delivers the most accurate profit model—how about McDonald’s and Starbucks—to name a few.
Our system does not rely on large membership numbers or excessive foot traffic to be a successful add-on business. What does this mean?

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